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the Voice of Oxford
 vOx is Oxford’s leading chamber choir.  Under the inspirational leadership of conductor, David Crown, vOx have forged a reputation for excellence in repertoire ranging from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary choral works.  Vox is, of course, the Latin for voice and vOx specialise in performing works by composers with a special association with the city and university, from Edmund Turges in the early 16th century, to Alexander Campkin today.


vOx 2023-24 Season

The New Year will bring a feast of the best Renaissance and a capella music from vOx

Sunday14 April 2024,17.00. Pusey House Chapel, St Giles

Palestrina and the Roman School

Missa Papae Marcelli and works by Allegri and others

Songs of Love

Folk Songs and Madrigals

13 July 2024, 17.00. Waterperry Gardens, Waterperry

(Includes entrance to Gardens)


14 July 2024, 17.00 Pusey House Chapel, St Giles, Oxford


For full details of the 2023-24 season go to our Concerts page.

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