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Reynold Greenlaw,  The Porch &
The Chandos Anthems

Reynold attended almost all the concerts that vOx ever gave from the very beginning until his untimely death in September 2021. Before he died, Reynold decided that what the world needs is more live music, so he asked that any donations made by kind friends and family should go to vOx.  It is the generosity of those donations that has enabled us to rehearse and perform these Chandos Anthems. Reynold was also a long term  supporter of The Porch a charity that has been providing support for homeless men and women for over 30 years. 

The Porch is the only Oxford day centre that is open 6 days a week, providing around 200 people a year with an opportunity to move towards a more positive lifestyle, away from addiction and dependency. In memory of Reynold, we are inviting donations to The Porch. Read more about The Porch Here and their Just Giving Page is Here

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